Experienced Water Postdoc Fellowship COFUND Programme
Fellowships for International Water and Development Academic Career Advancement

Can I apply?

The EWPFP COFUND is a fellowship programme for incoming mobility of experienced researchers in the broad field of water and development.

Eligible individuals are experienced researchers in the broad field of water and development. The EWPFP COFUND covers a research period of 2 years at IHE Delft and, if applicable, with relevant public and private partners.

The EWPFP COFUND scheme focuses on researchers near the start of their research careers. Therefore, eligible researchers for the EWPFP COFUND programme must be in possession of a doctorate degree, awarded no more than 6 years prior to the application deadline of the call, unless a prolongation of this period is permitted (see Guide to Applicants) If you just finished your PhD and haven't received the diploma yet, then a letter from the university indicating the graduation date should be part of the application. You should be in possession of the doctorate degree on the date that the contract is signed.

The fellowship includes a research project prepared by the research fellow and implemented at IHE Delft. Fellows have freedom to choose a project within the research setting of IHE Delft and relevant public and private partners. This allows the fellows to develop and widen their competences significantly, in particular in terms of multi- or interdisciplinary expertise, intersectoral (private-public) experience and complementary skills in the broad field of water.

The career development of all the EWPFP COFUND fellows will be supported by an individual Career Development Plan, supervision and professional guidance for their next career step after their stay at IHE Delft.

Within the project there will be a call for applications for 8 fellowships in 2016

The EWPFP COFUND is a competitive, merit-based postdoctoral programme that aims to attract international researchers to conduct their research project within, and relevant to, at least one of the IHE Delft Chair Groups. Applications for feasible inter- or multidisciplinary projects cutting across the research lines of the Chair Groups are welcome.

The COFUND research programme is designed to:

  • Strengthen international mobility by exclusively targeting non-national researchers
  • Promote 'brain circulation'
  • Develop and successfully implement independent research projects
  • Promote interdisciplinary skills development
  • Provides intersectoral experience through cooperation with IHE Delft partners
  • Foster individuals’ research skills through supervision and mentoring
  • Facilitate the acquisition of transferable skills (such as lecturing; project management; project acquisition; communication; presentation) through the development and implementation of an individual Career Development Plan (CDP), seminars, training, coaching and Participation in Chair group activities
Project: EC-IHE Delft Experienced Water Postdoc Fellowship COFUND Programme (2013-2018)
Sponsors: IHE Delft and European Commission, FP7
Funding: Incoming postdoctoral fellowships lasting 24 months each
Call for applications: December 2016

Detailed eligibility criteria are set out in the EWPFP COFUND guide for applicants.