Experienced Water Postdoc Fellowship COFUND Programme
Fellowships for International Water and Development Academic Career Advancement

Who is eligible?

Eligible researchers are Experienced Researchers, who at the time of recruitment by the IHE Delft, should be in possession of a doctoral degree that has been awarded no more than 6 years ago prior to the call for applications. If the candidate just finished the PhD and is not yet in possession of the degree, then a letter from the university should be added containing the date of graduation. The diploma should be available on the date the contract is signed.
During the evaluation of the career track, eligible career breaks which are properly documented with official documents of employers, doctors etc. will be taken in consideration. Eligible career breaks are: maternity, paternity, long-term illness (over ninety days) or care taker leave for a sick relative (over ninety days), and disabilities (over ninety days).
Prolongation of the 6 year timeframe is made for:
  • Women and parents with children: one additional year per child can be claimed up to a maximum of three years (e.g. they can start the program max. 9 years after doctorate degree award)
  • Other justified and documented career breaks are as disease(s), disabilities or care taker leave. Prolongation of the period of the break will be given (e.g. in case of sickness or caretaker leave of 1 year they can start the program max. 7 years after doctorate degree award).
These forms of leave need to be documented or confirmed in writing by for example a (medical) specialist /doctor or (former) employer).