Experienced Water Postdoc Fellowship COFUND Programme
Fellowships for International Water and Development Academic Career Advancement

What do I have to submit?

Please read the attached Guide for Applicants first


Motivation letter

  • Containing aspects as a convincing statement of motivation for decision to pursue a postdoctoral research and teaching/project experience in the proposed IHE Delft Chair group programme and, if applicable, for a relevant period at one of the partners of IHE Delft (see the partner page on the IHE Delft website).
  • Description of career aspirations in the field of water and development.
  • Potential for the candidate to widen his/her professional network, potential for setting up new or deepening existing relations between IHE Delft and public and private institutes/companies in other countries.
  • Training needs and impact of this training on the career of the fellow. Ideas for an individual Career Development Plan while staying at IHE Delft. Provide a short description in you motivation letter on the innovation aspects of the doctoral thesis research.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Giving a description of proven research excellence/talent (in academia or industry) as evidenced by the previous career track, peer reviewed publications, findings, patents, awards, prizes, etc. Previous acquisition of research/innovationprojects, grants, fellowships and/or active interdisciplinary collaboration on innovative research topics, trans-national and intersectoral mobility.
  • A scan of the signed and certified university degree certificates (Bachelor, Master and PhD) and an abstract of your doctoral thesis

Research proposal

  • An innovative /novel research proposal which  is feasible term of methodology, time and budget proposed.
  • The proposal should express the impact of the research on developing countries and countries in transition.
  • Plans for dissemination and possible exploitation of the results with regard to the research fields of the IHE Delft Chair group programmes should also be mentioned.

Ethics statement

  • The ethical issues guidelines, which is part of the guide of applicants need to be read, understood and the form included in the online application package needs to be signed. They are part of the application papers.